From one site to another

Okay, you guys. :)  I’ve been digging through my old posts in my old blog sites (,,, and I’ve decided to share some of my favorites here. :)

Hmm, think of it this way: that site’s not updated and used anymore, so sayang naman mga “okay” posts ko dun. :)  That’s why I’ll move them here for people to read again.

So, okay ba? If yes, just go to my “newly-created” tab (beside “About Me”) and read my old posts. Enjoy! :)

Dreams unfolding

Eight years ago, I was formally introduced to the world of magazines. I had my first issue of Candy magazine when I was in Grade 5, and back then, it was my fashion-savvy and very intelligent best friend. I became very engrossed with magazines. I read them in school, home, jeep, bus… everywhere. I collected Candy magazine for 7 years, and that built my interest in magazine writing. The writer/journalist inside me was brought to life.

When I became part of our school paper in high school, my dream was somehow intensified. I was the Features/Literary Editor for 2 consecutive years, and at that time, I felt like I’ve finally found my calling.

Now for the downfall: taking AB Journalism in college was a slightly wrong move. I thought I would be more educated about magazine writing, but instead, it was all about real journalism and newspaper writing. It sucks, because I know I’m never going to be a newspaperman or something.

Good thing my internship now gives me enough training. I mean, now I’m finally writing for a real magazine! It’s so cool because I realized that my dreams are starting to unfold. I’m still an intern, I know, but the experience never fails to thrill me every day.

Oh, for other news. I’ve given up my collection and patronage of Candy magazine. Nothing offensive, it’s just that I think I’ve outgrown it. It doesn’t cater for my needs anymore, so I moved my interest to other magazines such as Maven and Chalk. Just so you know. :)


I just realized that the reason I kept on jumping from one blog site to another is because I always tend to abandon my blog. I mean, if I notice that my site’s already gathering dust from months of no updating, I will quickly make a new online journal and leave the “abandoned” one behind. Now that’s just plain wrong— at least for me.

You see, I’ve had five blog sites before this one. They all had pretty good posts (not to mention so many entries), but I had to ditch them for a new site that I thought would be better. But I was wrong. My abandoned sites just piled up.

Anyway, just to end this nonsense post, I am declaring that I will keep this WordPress site for as long as there’s Internet around (uhh, here I go again). :)

Just Watched: Segunda Mano

The official movie poster. Photo courtesy of

Okay, I know the movie was released a long time ago (Christmas, for the MMFF right?), but I just watched it last night with my sister. We were supposed to watch ‘Sex and the City’, but due to constant insisting (“Maganda yan, may twist!”), I gave up… ‘Segunda Mano’ it is.

Honestly, I really don’t want to watch that movie at first. You know, I was already “traumatized” with Pinoy horror/suspense films— always cliché, always corny, always boring, always lacking in impact and substance, and did I say always boring? You can’t blame me; I’ve lost my appetite in our local films since I first saw one. I admit, my favorite movie before was ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’ (the one with Camille Prats in it), but c’mon, I was just 5 years old when I saw that. As I grew up, I became less fascinated with our local movies. When I reached the right age (17?) and became exposed with media (with my course), I realized that movies don’t have spark anymore. It was like they were being created just for audience reception and money only. And oh, also commercialism. No depth, just plain visuals.

But my disappointments vanished when I watched ‘Segunda Mano’. At first, I thought this was going to be one of those “horror/suspense, corny movies with Kris Aquino in it,” but I was kinda wrong. The visuals were good, the story plot was amazing, and the twists were, yeah, shocking. For a self-proclaimed author who has written a successful mystery/suspense story with a big twist, I wasn’t able to see the huge shocker in this one. I was literally speechless when I found out. Well, that happens. :)

So, as you can see, my review was just short. Well, that’s because I would like you to see the movie for yourself. Of course, I wouldn’t want to ruin the excitement for you. I’m not a spoiler when it comes to movies; you can ask my friends about that (haha!). ‘Segunda Mano’ is, I think, still available in record bars, so if this post triggered your curiosity, go ahead and buy a copy. :)

FTR (For the record): Although this movie didn’t disappoint me, I’m not saying that I had a change of heart. I still don’t like Pinoy horror/suspense movies, as well as Kris Aquino starring in one. Sorry.

From an introvert to a party animal

Remember my internship? Yes, I’ve posted an entry about my OJT in Gala magazine yesterday, when I was super bum in the office and have finished all articles assigned to me. Well, Gala is an events magazine, catering to young professionals and covering all events as possible. As of now, I’m spending my 200 hours there as a writer.

Now, for the real content of my entry.

Last night, I experienced something that I will never ever forget, something that will forever haunt me. Do you want to know what that is? Two words: LMFAO concert.

I joined the rest of the Gala team in the “Sorry for Party Rocking Tour 2012: LMFAO Live in Manila” last night, April 11, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. I was assigned to write an article about the concert. As an intern, of course, who was I to refuse? Besides, the ticket was free (Upper Box A which costs P 2,650) and it seemed to be a good opportunity for me to exercise my journalistic skills, so I went with them. Turns out, I will enjoy it like hell.

I don’t know why, but I got amazed at the whole stage when I went inside. I mean, I’ve been to Araneta twice before that (for the DLSU-ADMU game and NCAA), but there was this whole “party vibe” in there that just hit me. Uhh, the power of party rock is so strong!

Okay, so when the concert started, I was still like, “Okay, I’m just gonna take down notes and pictures. This is cool.” But after a few songs, I found myself sincerely jumping, singing, dancing and yelling with the crowd. When RedFoo (SkyBlu is injured) sang the only songs I know , such as “Shots”, “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It”, I went wild. Clearly, the party animal in me just got out of prison. And when unfamiliar songs played, I quickly learned ‘em (I am not a whore! LOL this song is sick, but now it’s one of my favorite beats).

I can’t believe I had fun while still being journalistic. Hell, I’m not a party person. In fact, I’m just a simple girl who’s already contented with reading stories and being alone. When I want fun, I just watch my favorite movies or surf the net. But when I got out of the Big Dome, I was like, “What just happened?” Crazy, but I’m not really a social person. I’m an introvert. But last night, I felt like I’ve party rocked a couple of times already. What the heck.

But then again, that was just last night. Now, I’m back to being a simple girl who doesn’t even dance. The only difference is, now I’ve got their tunes stuck in my head. Pack all these sheets.

(Sorry for the lame post. Last night I have a better LMFAO entry to write, but it just dissolved.)

New learnings

Time flies so fast when you’re enjoying every bit of your little life. It’s like yesterday, I entered college and now look at me, I’m already having my internship in an events magazine!

Yes, after so many helpless and pathetic walk-ins and phone calls to different publishing companies, I am finally an intern at Gala magazine. It’s great because I got in right away and I won’t have to follow-up snob companies anymore, but it’s also tiresome because the main office is in Binondo— roughly 3 rides and a walk away. I don’t mind it, though. I should get used to it anyway, since I’m assuming this kind of scenario when I get out of college. Really, I believe I have to get this flat butt off the chair and stop lazying around.

So, today’s my first day in this OJT (on-the-job training) and it’s going well. The room’s conducive for working and learning (aircon, baby!), the people are nice, and the rice, coffee and tea are all free (LOL). But being glued to the computer from 9am to 6pm is no joke. Having to face the MS Word and the Internet over and over is really exhausting, but being able to accomplish a work is something that keeps me from falling asleep. And oh, a really good music! (free listening to Youtube… awesome!)

I just can’t imagine my life tomorrow and on the next days. Will I be able to keep up with it? I still don’t know. I’m also afraid of disappointing my bosses. Gosh, this is my first time! I know this should be acceptable, but for a “feeling professional” like me, I know I should surpass my editor’s expectations. And I will, seriously. But for now, I would like to acquaint myself with the magazine industry. You know, immerse in the culture and ambiance. By the time I finish my 200 hours of OJT time, I shall be more well-rounded, more matured and more skillful in terms of writing.

Okay, more stories to share next time. Right now, I gotta prepare myself for the LMFAO concert later, which we will cover. :)  Wish me lots of luck!

“WKKH?” is already 1 year old!

I was just bumming around and thinking of what to write in this abandoned blog when I stumbled upon the date on the lower right part of the screen: 4/3/2012. 

Now I have something to write about. :)

April 3, 2011 – the day I posted the epilogue of my 2nd story “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?” on TeenTalk’s Creative Corner, an online haven for aspiring writers. From that day onwards, “WKKH?” earned so many positive reviews, and even when I moved all my stories on, the comments didn’t stop.

“WKKH?” is an unexpected story. I mean, really, I’m not much into mystery/suspense (though I love psychological thrillers), and creating such story with this kind of genre is something new for me. At first, it was just a trial— I relied on the readers’ feedback and if the story doesn’t click, I will immediately delete it. But as days passed, I found myself being satisfied with my writing ability, readers or no readers. I was lucky, though, because “WKKH?” gained popularity and earned so many readers. It even got nominated on “The Best of Creative Corner” awards. The story didn’t win, but hey, being nominated is already something. :)

When “WKKH?” ended, readers and writers alike praised it so much that I wondered, “Is it really that  good?” I wanted to pinch myself every time because the flow of superlative words are so awesome. I’m not a great writer or anything, so I really didn’t expect this kind of achievement to happen. An award is not necessary or the number of fans I have in Wattpad. What makes my day is seeing comments from people I don’t know, saying that they love the story and that the suspense factor worked. Those reactions really put a smile on my face. Knowing that readers appreciate my work is already enough.

Okay, I think I’ve said enough. :D

Happy 1 year since I finished you, “WKKH?”! This story is nowhere near great or perfect and I know there are so many typos and bad grammar here, but this will always be my personal treasure. I might write better stories than this in the future, but I will never, ever forget this one. <3

[Hey, to the people who supported, and are still supporting, “Who Killed Karen Hernandez?”, thank you so much! :)))]